Our Famous Lobster Dinner

The event has become one of Budapest’s most significant business networking events over the years, not least because it features fresh lobster directly imported from Nova Scotia, Canada.

According to the chamber, “This is a fun and equally meaningful networking experience for Hungarian and expat company leaders, executives and business people. […] The atmosphere at this prestigious international event is set by live music, exciting raffle items and a silent auction. The icing on the cake is undoubtedly the fresh and delicious lobster straight from Canada.”

The province of Nova Scotia is known as the “lobster capital” of Canada, where lobster fishing has been the foundation of the economy for local fishermen since the 1800s. The Canadian Chamber says it is “proud” to support this sustainable fishing model, with more than 300 lobsters caught by Nova Scotian fishermen shipped by air to The Netherlands. After a couple of days’ rest, they will arrive directly (and fresh) at the InterContinental Budapest’s kitchen.

The Canadian Lobster Dinner event attracts hundreds of Hungarian and expat businesspeople each year. While there are many returning guests, the chamber is happy to welcome new guests as well.

“We are proud to have many guests who have been coming to our lobster dinner for years, even decades, but we also welcome new faces, as we want as many people as possible to get to know who we are and what we do,” says Judit Lovas, CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary.

“Our aim is to help business leaders build a truly effective business network that goes even beyond borders and ultimately helps them to thrive,” she adds.

More information about the event and a link to the registration page can be found on the chamber website, ccch.hu. There is also a (Hungarian-language only) video on its YouTube channel; search on the platform for Canadian-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.

This article was first published in the Budapest Business Journal print issue of November 7, 2022.

The lobster comes from Canada for the traditional dinner

At the dinner, the cloudless fun and networking of company owners, managers, and businessmen will be deliciously completed by the fresh lobster, which will be served directly from the Canadian province of Nova Scotia to the guests’ table in the ballroom of the Hotel InterContinental Budapest on November 12.

The well-deservedly popular Canadian Lobster Dinner awaits its guests with open doors for the 28th time this year, who, in addition to expanding their network of contacts with internationally successful businessmen, can experience a pleasant and elegant evening with their spouses and colleagues. At this highly prestigious event in Budapest, live music, a raffle and a silent auction ensure the atmosphere; and the dot on the i is undoubtedly the fresh, tasty lobster.

This article was first published in the Trademagazin issue of October 20, 2022.

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