CCCH partnered with Age of Hope foundation to provide emergency aid to families in Borsod country

Helping families in need: The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary partnered with the Age of Hope Foundation to provide emergency aid to Hungarian families and kids in Borsod county, as the coronavirus hits the region.

The Age of Hope Child Protection Foundation was established in 2010 with the goal of helping disadvantaged children and their families. We seek to provide immediate and long-term assistance to abused children or ones living in deep poverty, looking for a solution to make their situation easier.

The Annual Lobster Dinner night of the CCC in Hungary always had a charity wing, raising money for disadvantaged families and projects. A recent event in 2018 successfully raised 600.000 HUF, which was allocated to a village nursery garden project, planned to happen this spring. But the coronavirus came, and needs have changed.

Ákos Tóth, head of the Age of Hope Foundation told us that the organisation keeps in close contact with the disadvantaged families living in Borsod county, especially the village of Tornanádaska and surrounding area. Several times in the last month, the Age of Hope Foundation delivered much needed food to families in this area. Requests for aid from these villages continue to be received. Cleaning and dissinfectant products have also been delivered to help the fight against the COVID-19 to several children’s homes in Budapest. The total value of these contributions is in excess of 4 million HUF. Many thanks to the generous support of private individuals and supporting companies.

As Ákos explained, the financial crisis has already hit this severely deprived area hard. In Borsod county, there is a village where over 60 people lost their jobs in one day and now remain with no means of subsistence for their families. Shops have either closed – or prices are now beyond reach, thus villagers are in a desperate situation.

With public schools closing child hunger is a also becoming a concerns as children no longer have access to meals that were normally provided available to them.

The Age of Hope Foundation and the supported families were really grateful for the help provided by CCCH in Hungary. 150 families benefited from the packages. The foundation was set up to aid disadvantaged children in care homes, but when the need is so great, they step in to help kids in rural areas as well. Budgets have now been retargeted from previous programs (providing summer camp opportunities for disadvantaged children) to providing essential to aid those families currently in crisis.

If you wish to support the work of Age of Hope, please consider making a donation to this account:

TAX NUMBER :18287204-1-43

ERSTEBANK 11600006-00000000-56705485

GIBA HUHB HU2511600006-00000000-56705485

Once again, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary is grateful for the generous donations people have offer on the Annual Lobster Dinner Night. See you on our next event!



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Further news articles published on Age of Hope foundation and children’s situation in deprived areas of Hungary (in Hungarian)–a-legszegenyebbek-kiszolgaltatottsaga-a-koronavirus-idejen-?fbclid=IwAR128kEh2Ql1rz4DBa_M_49BCFjrWf9m8Evf_IoSQn937EqXeSA3aAllkyo



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