Events calendar

CETA/Trade EventsHBLF Hard Talk about CETA

(28th of February)

Trade MissionBKIK CETA seminar

(9/10 May)

Expected Implementation of CETAKick-offCETA Trade Promotion Conference
Sustainable Trade Events 

CCI Business lunch with Mr Attila Istvan Simon

(6th of March)

Business lunch
Chamber Social EventsFriends of Canada Dinner

(7th of February)


Dentons Wine Tasting (upon invitation only)

(30th of March)


Film Club

(21st of March)

Friends of Canada


(4th of April)


Working Parents Day with GE

(15th of May)


Annual General Meeting (Board Election)

Steak and Salmon Gala (16th of June) Friends of Canada



Family Day at the Budapest Airport

9th of Sept.

Thanksgiving 9th of Oct.)Lobster Dinner (18th of Nov.) Xmas Party
Board/Embassy Events150 years of Canada Board Meeting

(3rd of March)

Board Meeting

(Date tbc.)

Board Meeting

(5th of May)


Board Meeting

(16th of June)

150 years of Canada

We can only accept a limited number of registrations on a first come first served basis. In case you are interested in any of our events, please do not hesitate to contact our event manager at