Friends of Canada




Welcome to the Friends of Canada,

Friends of Canada is a Budapest based social network. Co-Founded by Canadians László Reichel and Nicholas Sárvári, inspired by the Canadian Embassy, Friends of Canada is open to both English and Hungarian speakers alike. The group boasts a membership of between 400 – 500 people, with an eclectic mix of Canadians, Expats and Hungarians lending the group a truly international flavour, with an underlying ‘Canadianness’ to its events. Friends of Canada hosts approximately 10 events per year, with joint events in addition.

As a social group Friends of Canada hosts events either free of charge or at cost, with many of the paid events having a charity aspect to them.

After a brief period of inactivity, due to the departure from Budapest of its president László Reichel, we are now back in the swing of things.

Everyone is encouraged to join. There is no membership fee!

I am looking forward to a new season of events and count on the enthusiasm of our members to make them fun and well attended. We also welcome your ideas and help to ensure the success and continuity of this worthy project.



Alessandra Piccone Szirmay,


Friends of Canada

Phone: +36 303370643