About Us


CCCH Mission Statement


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary promotes profitable and productive relations between Canada and Hungary, and provides value-added services and activities to members combining business interaction, government and community relations, and social networking, in the true Canadian spirit of fun and enthusiasm.

Chambers as Marketing Tools

  • Chambers of Commerce are interest organizations working with a clearly defined membership: business leaders and upper management often attend social and business events (sector specific).
  • Some of the events attract media attention as well
  • Marketing as common objectives: Delivering value to membership…
  • Marketing through the Chamber allows you to ENGAGE your target market – rather than just delivering marketing messages.

Cost Effective Marketing

  • Marketing is expensive – especially when using third party agents/contractors.
  • Conversely, a direct and active membership in a business organization that already reaches your target audience enhances the effectiveness of delivered messages.
  • Deliver messages to the membership through the chamber as a patron member!
  • Offer discount/special opportunities – pull marketing – to targeted companies through Chamber channels!
  • Elevate your corporate image and the perception of your products by being more visible in a more concentrated target environment.

Canadian Community Events

  • Business mixers, conferences, gala – and social events.
  • Attendees: CCCH membership + key decision makers from various business secotrs and membership from the other international chambers.
  • Providing valuable occasions to meet, engage, explore and entertain a wide scope of guests in our community.
  • Opportunity to introduce your company by being a corporate member – utilizing the communication channels of the Chamber for your own companies benefit.

Interest representation

  • Efficient governmental relations by cooperating with foreign chambers.
  • Assembling and analyzing interests from the membership of foreign chambers.
  • Cooperating with „Budapesti Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara” (BKIK) to improve influence in governmental decision making.
  • Maintaining successful association with determinant press partners of business magazines (HVG, BBJ).

Business to Business

  • Networking Speed Business Meeting Events quarterly, co-produced with other foreign chambers (AMCHAM, BCCH, CCIFH).
  • Appear on the new CCCH website as a corporate member on selected events.
  • Look for opportunities to attend sector specific events and conferences.
  • Attract interest from a wide community of business with which the CCCH communicates with (7000 and growing).